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Environmentally harmful, corrosive or toxic gases are used in a large number of industrial processes. To protect people and the environment, these are subject to strict regulations, in particular which purification criteria a gas scrubber must achieve.

In a wide variety of (chemical) manufacturing processes, environmentally harmful or toxic gases are either starting materials or are produced as by-products.

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The scrubbers of our company are used worldwide for the conversion of such gases, either to eliminate the risk to people and the environment in an emergency (emergency gas scrubber) or to clean process gases from unwanted gas components for further processing (for example Benfield process gas scrubber).

In this process, the gases to be cleaned are converted into non-hazardous components using a scrubbing liquid (e.g. caustic soda) so that they no longer pose a risk to the environment or to the process. These are usually water and salts, which are easy to handle for further processing. Many scrubbers use caustic soda (NaOH) as scrubbing liquid. To achieve an optimal scrubbing result, accurate monitoring of caustic soda is necessary.

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