FRP Spiral Scrubber

FRP Spiral Scrubber

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Dolphin Fibre Glass Industries is counted one among the top FRP Scrubber Suppliers in India. Scrubbers are high-efficiency air pollution control equipment used to remove particulate matter, fumes and gases (especially acid gases) from industrial processes.

The process takes place by ‘scrubbing’ the pollutants by contacting them with a scrubbing media (either wet or dry) thus resulting in a residual exhaust of negligible particulate size. We thus categorise them into dry and wet scrubber systems.

The scrubbers use either water or other liquid solutions to scrub particulate matter and harmful gases from the gas stream. A Wet scrubber captures the particles in fine liquid mist droplets or in layers of scrubbing liquid and then separates the liquid droplets from the gas stream.

The Dry Scrubbers use a dry reagent or slurry which is injected into the dirty exhaust stream of gases to neutralise or eliminate gaseous components.

Selecting the right solution:

Various process variables affect the performance of scrubber systems and particle removal namely, particle size distribution, size of liquid mist droplets, and the relative velocity between the particles and liquid mist droplets. The most important parameter is the particle size of the inlet dust content. The larger particles are easier to collect as compared to the finer ones.

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