FRP Venturi Scrubber

FRP Venturi Scrubber

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Dolphin Fibre Glass Industries are renowned names in the industry, offering a highly durable range of FRP Venturi Scrubber that is manufactured with utmost accuracy. Our entire product range is functionally advanced in nature and ensures durable standards. We offer them in varied grades and are delivered as per the exact preferences of clients. Moreover, we offer them at the most affordable rates.

To remove sub-micron particles from flue gas Dolphin Fibre Glass Industries' Venturi scrubber uses a wet process utilizing high-pressure drop. Our venturi scrubber features a wetted wall inlet that eliminates wet-dry build-up. Distributing the scrubbing liquid over an inlet perimeter of the venturi (Weir) eliminates the use of spray nozzles and any potential for plugging. Downstream of the venturi an efficient entrainment separation is accomplished using either a mist eliminator or a cyclonic separator

What Makes Venturi Scrubber The Best?

The 3 sections of Dolphin Fibre Glass Industries Venturi scrubber are converging, throat, and diverging sections. The Inlet gas stream enters the scrubber at the converging section. As the gas cycles down to the throat, it increases speed causing liquid from the walls to tear into tiny droplets. These tiny liquid droplets entrain particles.

Downstream particle removal happens in the diverging section as the gas is forced to slow down. A Venturi Scrubber can be engineered to collect both particulate and gas pollutants. That being said, the most efficient use of a Venturi Scrubber is to remove particles. Packed towers, FGD, and other scrubber technology are more efficient at removing gas pollutants.

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